Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet KK :)

Welcome to KK's new blog.

I have decided to start a blog to tell you a bit more about the story behind KK Sarees.

This blog will be my forum to express my creativity and share my inspiration. I will keep you up-to-date with the going ons at KK Sarees.


  1. This is amazing!! Congratulations Mama K~ xxxxx

  2. I love your logo! Beautiful pic of the model in the tree. Molto alta moda...bellissima! Only thing missing...where is a pic of my beautiful cousin (preferably in a tree!)

  3. KK nice job! Looking forward to seeing your men's line ;) And no, I won't model no matter how much you beg me.

  4. Hi Karish,
    Your KK logo is a real eye-catcher. Saris look beautiful...Wish you lots of luck and loads of success...

  5. Looks brilliant Krish!
    Can't wait to see the products - photos look amazing!
    Glad all those merchie lessons came in handy ;o)

  6. Karish!!

    This looks awesome, I am totally jealous...! Would love to be doing what you are and the sarees look gorge! I think even I would like to wear one of those :-)

    Keep me posted on how it all goes!! Aditi xxx

  7. Hi Karishma,
    Great Blog!
    So professional and nice touch to have us involved while making it.
    Hope your saris do well and you are surrounded by fame and wealth...... love Masi

  8. hey hey hey!! sooo u actually do work! amazing job so far.. nice logo..

  9. Karishma,

    Well done! Am very impressed... Good luck with the next step!

    Love, BB

  10. KK loveee your logo! The blog is awesome and I love the draping barbie series and the history of the drape...:)